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Building peace through Heritage

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Rome [ENA] The Life Beyond Tourism-Travel to Dialogue Movement was born and developed to form a network that promotes the Dialogue between Cultures at all levels with the Learning Communities (residents, travelers, suppliers of on-site services, cultural institutions, intermediaries , public authorities and administrations, market trends research centers, educational institutions, designers who respond to market needs)

those who believe in the strength of dialogue and in their strength to contribute to it. These are companies, individuals, organizations, artisans, restaurateurs, hoteliers, artists, merchants have a story to tell a creed to spread that has its roots in knowing how to do and in the intent to believe not only in the credit card but also still believe in the opportunity of the interpersonal relationship that goes beyond the chains of all the same stores, the pre-packaged packages, the souvenir that tells nothing of the trip. The traveler and the inhabitants have the right to find unique and not flattened cities from the same offer in order to experience the richness of culture, traditions and flavors that distinguish each territory.

Florence has always been home to ideas, a meeting place for cultures and the perfect representation of Italian know-how in the world. It is no wonder that the International Life Beyond Tourism Institute was born here, whose purpose is to promote meetings, communication, knowledge, conservation, economy. A mission that takes place every year in the International Symposium, this year dedicated to the central themes of the Life Beyond Tourism® Manifesto: the construction of peace through heritage and change through the journey for dialogue, on the occasion of the XXII General Assembly of the experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation.

The event is promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, organized by the Life Beyond Tourism - Travel to Dialogue Movement, with the scientific coordination of the Life Beyond Tourism International Institute and the support of the Main Sponsor Center for International Studies and Meetings, Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Congress Center at the Duomo. The 2020 annual meeting will be transformed from a Symposium into a Forum focused on economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects of sustainable development together with the interpretation and communication of different places with their cultural expressions (craftsmanship, traditional production etc.).

From 13 to 15 March, the heart of the old city will be transformed into a new Agorà to encourage dialogue between cultures and present the typical know-how of each place. This represents a unique opportunity to discover the cultures of the world in the heart of Florence and rediscover the expressions of the territory "being reborn" in respect for the land and traditions. A transformation path that is also well represented by an international exhibition: the artisans, in fact, use local raw materials and transform them into unique pieces that become ambassadors in the world of their culture. Just like Florence which, by hosting world delegations, becomes a sounding board for Italy and its companies in the world.

The program in Florence includes the following Events: - XXII General Assembly with the experts of the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation; Scientific Symposium "Building Peace through Heritage";International Life Beyond Tourism Showcase;Final awarding of the "Heritage for Planet Earth" photo contest; Exhibition of cultural expressions from Azerbaijan, official host country;Collateral cultural events. Speakers from the 111 countries of the Life Beyond Tourism network in the five continents will meet in the three days in Florence, bringing visions, experiences and testimonies. A unique opportunity for growth, but also for networking and initiating international cultural and commercial relations.

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